Pre- Implementation Assessments and interpretation assistance

Service Overview

With the release of the Amended Codes of Good Practice and aligned sector charters it is important to have any initiatives assessed to ensure there are no surprises during your final audit. Thrive Corporate Advisors will review any proposed initiatives or ownership deals and providing indicative scoring attached to the implementation of the initiative or proposed ownership deals. This includes in-depth Trust Analysis, implementing Private Equity Funds or Equity Equivalents. We also provide a risk analysis report summarizing any areas of concerns or interpretation issues.


Why Thrive?

Implementing an initiative to optimize your scorecard can be costly and you don’t want to get to audit day and find out the initiative does not qualify. It is suggested to run all proposed initiative’s past the Thrive advisor to confirm compliancy. Similarly, it is important to verify with the Thrive Advisor anything that is not clearly defined in the legislation to ensure that scoring is optimised at all times


Thrive Corporate Advisors is a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) consulting and advisory firm which assists the corporate sector with all aspects of B-BBEE legislation.