Our Specialised Service Offering


Our team has extensive knowledge of the B-BBEE process having worked in both the verification space as well as the consulting side of the process. Our in depth understanding of the verification process and the stringent requirements applied by both SANAS and the DTI allow us to provide optimal solutions catered at maximising points on the B-BBEE Scorecard. Our services range across all sectors of the economy including all sector charters gazetted under the B-BBEE Act.

Our services include but are not limited to:


Pre- Implementation Assessments and interpretation assistance

Thrive Corporate Advisors will review any proposed initiatives or ownership deals and provide indicative scoring attached to the implementation of the initiative or proposed ownership deals.

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Indicative Assessments

Detailed assessment of all the indicators making up your B-BBEE Contributor Status. Optional GAP analysis highlighting shortfall and requirements to achieve full points.

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Detailed workshops on all B-BBEE legislation or any of the elements forming part of the applicable B-BBEE legislation.

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B-BBEE Strategies

Drafting short, medium and long term strategies outlining the requirements, costs and initiatives that need to be implemented to ensure you meet your required B-BBEE levels.

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Milestone and Monitoring

Tracking the progress of the B-BBEE Strategy over time and continuous monitoring of your B-BBEE scoring. We suggest an assessment is conducted on a quarterly basis.

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Assisting with the Verification Process

A representative from Thrive Corporate Advisors will assist you with preparing for the annual B-BBEE verification. The samples selected will be assessed and indicative scoring prepared.

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Value Added Services

Thrive Corporate Advisors has partners which are qualified services providers with expertise ranging from registering and implementing ownership deals, registering.

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B-BBEE Legislation Derivatives

All legislation that incorporates a B-BBEE component Thrive Corporate Advisors will be able to assist with. An example, in the renewables sector, the REIPP programme has a B-BBEE component.

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Thrive Corporate Advisors is a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) consulting and advisory firm which assists the corporate sector with all aspects of B-BBEE legislation.